How Often Should I Take the Oral Solution?

Posted on April 9, 2019 at 8:39 AM by Tom Swegle

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Never take Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® more often than recommended. Taking a larger dose and/or taking the oral solution more frequently will not speed up the process of reducing sensitivity against reactions to poison ivy and poison oak.

It is important to follow the Outdoor Joe's® treatment overview if you plan on reducing sensitivity safely and sustainably. 

Get Immune Before Poison Ivy Starts to Grow

Keep in mind that it will take time for your body to adjust to the initial doses, so plan ahead and take the first dose before poisonous plants have started growing. 

Getting Started with Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® (formerly Rhus Tox) Oral Solution

At first, you should take Outdoor Joe's® one time per week for three weeks in a row. 

Try to take your dose on the same day of the week each week. For example, if your first dose is taken on a Friday, then try to take the next dose on the following Friday and then the Friday after that. 

Staying Ahead of Poison Ivy

After the first three doses, you can take the solution one time per month during the summer months. Try to keep a consistent schedule so you don’t forget to take the solution. 
It can still be helpful to begin taking Outdoor Joe's® after the winter months. You can begin your weekly dosage at any time, but be very cautious

Other Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® Recommendations

If you decide to start taking the solution after the wintertime, you still need to stay away from all poisonous plants until after you’ve finished taking your three weekly doses. If you are not familiar with the ways you can get poison ivy you may want to review our brief overview of the facts

For those who get more severe reactions to poison ivy and poison oak, it is recommended to take Outdoor Joe's® for a whole year to help reduce sensitivity. 

When Should I take Outdoor Joe's®? What Should I Avoid?

We suggest that you take the solution before you go to sleep or in between meals. Also, keep in mind that you should not take Outdoor Joe's® with mint flavored foods. You also should wait at least 30 minutes to take the solution after you have taken other medications. 

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