Are Homeopathic Solutions Safe for All Ages?

Posted on November 15, 2019 at 3:17 PM by Tom Swegle

Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® - Grandparent and Baby Approved

Health matters. 

Here at Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® (formerly Rhus Tox), one of the questions we are most frequently asked is if Outdoor Joe's® is safe or has age restrictions. This is a fair question as many medications are considered unsafe for children under a certain age, while others are considered unsafe for senior citizens past certain ages.

"Over five million adults and 1 million children use [homeopathic solutions] on a regular basis." -National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health 

The truth is that homeopathic solutions, like Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro®, tend to have a larger window of inclusion for those who can use them without harmful side effects. Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® has been proven to be a safe solution for both children and senior citizens of all ages. The bottom line is that medications and homeopathic solutions affect users differently.

Beyond Poison Ivy

The primary reason that other drugs are deemed too risky for children under two years old and senior citizens is that these two age groups typically do not have the immune system strength that those in other age groups do. As a result, their immune system may be incapable of fighting off side effects or diseases. Homeopathic solutions are natural remedies. As a natural supplement made from the extract of the poison ivy plant, Outdoor Joe's® can be used to treat a variety of ailments. In babies, Outdoor Joe's® has been proven helpful in treating colic, diaper rash, and even teething! Our senior clients have reported that Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® can help with arthritis, joint pain, and backaches. Similar ailments can be treated by Outdoor Joe's® in any age group.

"By using the extracts from poison ivy plants, you reduce sensitivity to poison ivy rashes. When using Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® for this purpose, you would adjust the dosage based on age. For example, a 2-year-old child would take two drops of Outdoor Joe's® during each scheduled dosage whereas a 5-year-old would take 5 drops per dosage. These dosage guidelines are merely suggestions, and you should always follow the instructions of the solution you have purchased as your dosage guide."- Outdoor Joe's® FAQ

When Should I take Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro®? What Should I Avoid?

We suggest that you take the solution before you go to sleep or in between meals. Also, keep in mind that you should not take Outdoor Joe's® with mint-flavored foods. You also should wait at least 30 minutes to take the solution after you have taken other medications. 

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