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Posted on May 15, 2020 at 4:00 PM by Tom Swegle

A Turkey Hunter on the prowl

If You’re Hunting Right Now, Odds are You’re Chasing Gobblers

In North America, April into May is typically turkey season. It may be late in the season, but it's not too late. The Gobblers are waiting to be tracked. Even if you haven’t been out yet, you know there is still some time, and you’re ready.

You know preparation is key so you’ve gone through a checklist of your gear:

  • You cleaned and prepped your full-choke 16 gauge and have extra rounds of that sweet copper-plated lead shot in your vest.

  • Your camouflage and favorite seat cushion are clean and ready to go.

  • You’ve checked your trail cams and mapped out what you think will be the best wide-open space with plenty of forest around for hiding.

  • You’ve practiced with your box, slate, and pushbutton calls and decided to bring them all, so you have a few options in the moment to attract the big guys.

A very large turkey

You’re prepared… or are you?

No matter what part of the country you find yourself in, April through May is usually Turkey Hunting Season. Experienced hunters know the thrill of the hunt, the patience, and the high of bagging that prize bird. They often also know the pain and irritation of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. You can plan for everything… except for poison ivy.

It’s exciting to get out, let that fresh air fill your lungs, and track turkeys (or any other game for that matter), you forgot to keep an eye out for the dangerous plants hiding in plain sight. You may have some great cover with your camo but get home to clean it only to realize too late that you’ve spent the day walking through countless fresh poison ivy patches. Now you'll have to deal with a horrible allergic reaction, develop a rash, and probably spend hours attempting self-treatment and applying lotions only to wash them off in the shower.

You may have Overlooked one Critical Accessory in your Preparation: Outdoor Joe’s®!

New hunters may not be familiar but the most experienced Hunters, Fishermen, Campers, Hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have known for years that there is a simple rule: "Leaves of three, let it be," but the problem is that when you have a gobbler in your sites, you're not always watching out for the shape of leaves around you. You need the peace of mind provided when you take Outdoor Joe’s Poison Ivy Pro®. When used as directed, Outdoor Joe’s® is proven to reduce sensitivity to poison ivy, and has even been proven effective against poison oak and poison sumac! 

Hunting and fishing are the perfect ways to enjoy the great outdoors, but even if you have no idea where poison sumac grows, poison ivy can be found, or where poison oak likes to hide, you can be sure you're protected as long as you've taken Outdoor Joe's®!

A parent and child sharing a moment in the woods while walking into the sunsetPassing on the Tradition to the Next Generation

For many who love to hunt, it's about more than the sport. The love of hunting comes from a rich history of family tradition. The first experience with hunting typically comes when a Grandfather takes his son or daughter out for the first time. It's not uncommon for three generations of hunters to go out together.

Generations of hunters pass on gun safety lessons, "secret locations" of the best spots, and more. When you pass on the love of the hunt to the next generation, you also pass on the love of that special bonding experience, and your knowledge and "family secrets" of what it takes to be successful.

Unless you have experienced it, the feeling is hard to explain. You bring home more than your latest trophy. You bring home memories. 

Too Late for Outdoor Joe’s®?

If you’re just learning about us or think you’ve missed your opportunity to be prepared, we have good news! It’s never too late for Outdoor Joe’s®! Duck, Snipe, Goose, Rail, Deer, and Elk Seasons are just around the corner (starting in September in most parts of North America), so even if you missed out on being ready to be poison ivy prepared on your turkey hunts, you still have time before the next season starts! Don’t forget, Fishermen love us too! 



A long necked turkey

Ready to start with Outdoor Joe’s®? Learn more first, then when you are ready to buy, let’s talk!

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