How Do I Make Poison Ivy the Least of My Worries This Biking Season?

Posted on April 7, 2021 at 10:00 AM by Tom Swegle

Image of Outdoor Joe riding a bicycle while avoiding poison ivy.

Peddling Away From Poison Ivy

Dear Outdoor Joe,


Spring has sprung, as have my bike’s wheels, and I am more than ready to get outside. I spend countless days, nights, and weekends biking and setting up camp on the way. Last year I found myself at the hospital after a simple campfire to rid poison ivy led to difficulty breathing and a (more than unpleasant) rash.


This year as I prepare myself to head back to my RAGBRAI days, I am prepping myself for the worst: poison ivy. As RAGBRAI entails many days of biking, sweating, and camping, I know I will most definitely be in some sort of contact with the ornery plant.


I want to know a couple things… First, why is burning poison ivy bad and how would I go about removing it? Second, as I train for RAGBRAI, bike around the country, and spend my weekends camping, how do I avoid painful shots or nasty and mediocre medications?




- Gail


As fellow bike and nature-lovers ourselves, we are so glad you came to us. With years on the trails, we too can feel the frustration you surely have. We’ve asked Joe for the secret to a (non)blistering bike season and just how to safely remove the plant from wherever you camp. Happy training and we hope to see you on the trails!


Hi Gail,


I enjoy meeting those who share the same passions as me: nature, biking, and staying poison ivy free, so let’s jump straight to the point: you need to avoid the ER and medical bills. How? 

Let’s chat…

I, myself, spent time in contact with poison ivy when on the bike trails. Whether it was my leg brushing against the plant, the occasional spill into a ditch, or sometimes on a camping trip along the way, I know from experience: if you didn’t come prepared, you could prepare for one thing: a trip to the doctor’s office.

“But how does anyone prepare for poison ivy? Isn’t it just a case of bad luck?” 

I get this question a lot. Turns out, your luck can change with some careful preparation!


I have created a homeopathic liquid solution to reduce sensitivity against poison ivy, so the only thing you will need to worry about is the biker’s rash you may develop. (Did I mention I know someone who can help you there, too?) 


Instead of a painful injection or foul-tasting medication provided by your good doctor, you can avoid the trip, expensive medical bills, and reaction all together. Our solution, Outdoor Joe’s Poison Ivy Pro, contains Rhus Toxicondendron that has been shown to reduce symptoms of Toxicodendron Dermatitis, the allergic contact that comes from poison ivy plants.


If you follow our proper administration guidelines, our solution aims to prevent reactions caused by poisonous plants. This way you can spend as much time training as possible.


Now, if you’re like me, you love simplicity. If so, you’ll love this: It only requires one dosage a month during the summer and is safe for the whole family. If you are bringing your little ones along, if they can hold the liquid in their mouth for 30 seconds, they too can be prepared. You see, Outdoor Joe’s is safe for all ages!


If this sounds appealing to you, learn more about our treatment plan and get your first bottle to try today.

Now, what’s the deal with burning poison ivy?

While we are glad you are okay, coming into close contact with burned poison ivy can lead to dangerous effects. While we would have loved to have helped you with proper disposal resources before this happened, now you can help others who are curious about it themselves.

The answer is quick and easy advice: DON’T do it. 

Even though you can quickly dispose of vines and leaves with this process, poison ivy oils can still be carried through the air and, as you know, infect the airways of those in the surrounding area (even for miles). The oil can cause difficulty breathing, rash, fever, and even death; all reactions we aim to avoid at all costs. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, seek emergency assistance right away. 


Always remember poison ivy oil travels almost as fast as you on your bike. Let’s keep you riding safe, yeah?


Hope to bump into you, and not poison ivy, this summer!


Outdoor Joe®


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