Outdoor Joe’s Guide to Winter Fun and Safety

Posted on December 6, 2021 at 3:30 PM by Tom Swegle

Image depicting winter activities

Stay Active and Get Outside This Winter!

The first day of winter means plenty of winter activities to do and hot chocolate to drink! So pull on your winter coats and boots and try out some of Outdoor Joe’s favorite things to do!

Winter Camping

Everyone loves to camp in the summer! From swimming, hiking, and fishing to cooking over the campfire, the activities are endless. But have you ever considered breaking out the tent for some winter camping fun? Camping during this time of the year certainly has its benefits, just think about it! Cold temperatures mean fewer bugs, fewer people, and the opportunity to enjoy the quiet calmness and snowy views that only a winter wonderland can provide. All of your favorite summer camping activities can be carried over to the winter season. Switch swimming in the lake for ice skating! Ice fishing makes that big catch extra exciting, and a snowy hike offers some spectacular views. For more ideas and safety tips, read how to winter camp like a pro!

Outdoor Sports

There are plenty of outdoor opportunities for fun physical activities in the snow and ice. Sledding, snowball fights, ice skating, the possibilities are endless! Once you’re all tired out, enjoy watching some outdoor sports! Head to an icy lake or pond to watch some hockey! Outdoor Joe also recommends watching a ski race or checking out dog sledding! 

Outdoor Crafts

There are so many ways to get creative with the snow and ice this season! 

  • Build a snowman 
  • Build an ice or snow fort
  • Use food coloring to make a snow painting 
  • Make an ice sculpture 

Winter Safety

During the coldest season of the year, it is important to make sure kids and adults alike stay safe when spending time enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re shoveling snow or out having fun sledding, make sure you’re dressed in warm clothing from head to toe! Have waterproof winter boots and coats to limit the amount of skin exposed to the cold air! Here are a few extra safety tips to keep in mind to make sure you enjoy the season safely! 

  • Check the weather before you go out, don’t get caught in a storm!
  • Know the signs of frostbite and keep an eye on little ones as they are extra sensitive. 
  • Have a cold-weather emergency kit in your car and/or backpack just in case!
  • Dress in lots of layers, better to be overprepared than stuck shivering!
  • Bring along a thermos full of warm liquids: hot cocoa, water, tea, etc.
  • Bring a buddy, don’t get stuck out in the cold alone! 

Make the Most of the Season

Winter is the perfect time to make lasting memories with family and friends. There are so many opportunities to get outside and stay active while enjoying activities unique to the season. Just make sure to keep safety in the back of your mind while you’re out making the most of winter!