How many doses of RhusTox is in a bottle of Outdoor Joe's®?

Outdoor Joe's® is a homeopathic rhus tox oral solution that has been proven effective at building poison ivy resistance, immunity, and preventing poison ivy allergies. Orally administered at home, Outdoor Joe's® eliminates the need for painful injections.

Though it would depend on how much you fill the dropper, you can typically expect about 30 droppers full of RhusTox per bottle of Outdoor Joe's®. We recommend understanding and following the proper dosing plan for best results.

Understanding the Poison Ivy Treatment

With the inclusion of Outdoor Joe's® into your regimen, you will be able to still enjoy the great outdoors without the constant worry of accidentally touching poison ivy plants. One of the best things about Rhus Toxicodendron is that it can be used by those who already have contracted the painful poison ivy rash, as well as those looking to aid in preventing poison ivy risks it in the first place.

When the dormant phase of poison ivy growth occurs in the winter, take the recommended dosage, hold in your mouth 30 seconds prior to swallowing and repeat the dosage on the same day of the week for three consecutive weeks. With the first three doses administered properly, levels of immunity have already been established! During the summer, administer the dosage once a month to continue building immunity. 

For a simple addition to your supplement routine in exchange for a year free from the painful rash associated with common poisonous plants, Rhus Toxicodendron is an obvious poison ivy solution for the health of your family.

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