How long does it take to be desensitized to poison ivy after taking Outdoor Joe's®?

With poison ivy being a widespread concern throughout nearly every state and territory in North America, it is no wonder more people are in search of poison ivy desensitization options. Poison ivy encounters cause painful blisters and itching that may last for weeks at a time. While knowing what to look for in terms of plant appearance can help reduce the risk, the truth of the matter is that poison ivy cannot be altogether avoided. It is known to take on many forms and can grow in a variety of settings. When it comes to protecting yourself from this dangerous plant, vigilance may not be enough. Many people are turning to the homeopathic solution of Outdoor Joe's® to achieve poison ivy desensitization.

Poison ivy rash is caused by coming into direct or indirect contact with either poison ivy leaves or the oils the plant secretes. While there are rare individuals who will never have a reaction to the plant, the majority of people will have a reaction. Poison ivy rash is an allergic reaction to the plant. For some people, the allergy is mild and leads to relatively few symptoms lasting only a day or two. For other people, the allergic reaction is much more serious. People who are more sensitive to poison ivy can experience symptoms that last for an entire month and are more pronounced in severity. The use of Outdoor Joe's® can help individuals with an allergy to the plant reducing sensitivity to its effects over time. Outdoor Joe's® uses the leaf extracts from poison ivy plants to reduce sensitivity to it. Once this reduction in sensitivity is built, an individual will either have very mild reactions or no reaction at all when exposed to poison ivy plants.

As with any type of reduction in sensitivity, poison ivy desensitization does not happen immediately. While some people report a noticeable improvement in their reduction in sensitivity to poison ivy with a few weeks of using Outdoor Joe's®, the more common time frame is a month. As with any solution, for Outdoor Joe's® to achieve the desired results, all administering and dosage guidelines must be strictly followed to ensure success.

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