What Else Should I Know About Using Zanfel?

  • Zanfel is the ONLY product clinically shown to remove the toxin urushiol ANYTIME after the outbreak. 

  • Zanfel is very instruction-specific. Be sure to read and follow ALL steps in the instructions.

  • For most mild to moderate cases, ONE application of Zanfel is all that is needed.

  • If the itch returns, rewash with Zanfel as per the directions. If the itch is gone, there is no need to reapply.

Again, Zanfel is effective at any point after contact with poison ivy and will provide relief regardless of how long you have suffered from the allergic reaction.

If you know within the first hour that you contacted poison ivy, sumac, or oak, some experts claim that plain soap and water might wash it off the skin. They suggest that washing is effective if you catch it within the first two to four hours after exposure. Other experts believe that unless you wash within the first 10 minutes, the oil will bind to the skin. Once the oil has bonded, Zanfel is the only substance known to remove the oil.

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