When is the Best Time to Use Zanfel?

Zanfel can and should be used ANYTIME after the rash appears. Remember, You will begin to feel relief within seconds of washing with Zanfel!

Poison ivy, sumac, and oak secrete a toxin called urushiol oil. When human skin contacts this oil, it sets up an allergic reaction that causes itchy rashes, blisters, and lesions. A course of treatment with Zanfel involves washing the affected area until no itching remains. Some spots may contain more urushiol oil than others and, therefore, require a second washing with Zanfel. If you feel any itching whatsoever, you have not properly completed the first treatment!


After completing the first treatment, you should be itch-free and, within 24 hours, 75-80% of the rash also should disappear. For most people, no more treatments are required. For others, the deeper oils that were out of Zanfel's reach the first time begin to move up to the surface, and the itch may return within two to 24 hours, depending on the severity. In this case, a second treatment may be required. Note: For any severe reactions typically having the appearance of thick leathery spots, further applications may be needed in those areas only .

-Zanfel's Official Website Product FAQ

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