Contest and Sweepstakes Rules of Entry

Outdoor Joe's Sweepstakes / Contest Official Terms & Rules of Entry

Outdoor Joe's will occasionally run contests through this website ( and our various social media platforms. We reserve the right to run these promotions, giveaways, and contests at our discretion and end them at any time with or without notice. Participation in contests does not guarantee a win. No purchase required to win. Many will enter. Few will win. Winners are chosen at random. If selected, a representative of Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro or its parent company MedCara will contact you via e-mail or through social media to provide prize options that may include size. 

Future Use of Assets

Anyone who has submitted photos, textual content (testimonials or otherwise), or other works (hereafter referred to as assets) through Outdoor Joe's Sweepstakes and Contests hereby gives rights and consent to use said assets for further promotional purposes without further monetary consideration or content. In other words, if you enter the contest, you give Outdoor Joe's the right to use your submission in the future.

Tee Shirt Prizes

Not all sizes may be available. Shirts may be available for purchase. Check the Shop for details and availability.

Testimonials contest notes

Testimonials may also be provided on Outdoor Joe's Social Media including Facebook or Google. Winners may be chosen in association with promotions on other platforms. Regardless of platform submission, A valid email or contact information is required so that winners may be notified.