"This stuff WORKS!"

By Rachel F.

"My 14-year-old son was EXTREMELY allergic to poison ivy. I mean he was ALWAYS  the 1st case at our doctor's office EVERY year! The leaves didn't even have to be on the plant, just the leftover vines from the previous year would get him! He always had to get a shot AND pills and TecNu gel to help make it go away faster. We tried everything! I would strip his clothes off and wash them as soon as he came in and send him straight to the shower to wash with Dawn dish soap...it was HORRIBLE! After starting the Rhustox, night and day difference! He might get a couple of small bubbles here and there. Sometimes none at all, and he really gets down and dirty while in the woods. This stuff WORKS! LIFELONG CUSTOMERS FROM HERE ON!  THANKS, OUTDOOR JOE'S!"


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