"We love Rhus Tox"

By Jarrad

Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro® (formerly Rhus Tox Poison Ivy Prevention) is a homeopathic liquid solution helpful in building immunity against the effects of poison ivy when administered correctly. Rhus Toxicodendron is the primary ingredient found in Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Pro®. See what our client had to say,


"Thanks for asking our opinion on Rhus Tox.  We found out about Rhus Tox a few years ago.  I am highly allergic to poison ivy.  My daughters are allergic as well, must be inherited from me. 

We take it every February before our Spring Break in March. There is a lot of poison ivy where we camp.  Now with the help of Rhus Tox, I can step over or walk by poison ivy and not get it.  In my youth, I would get it so bad my eyes swell shut from just being down wind of it.

So in summary,  We love Rhus Tox."


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