Poison Oak & Ivy Picture Gallery

The most crucial part of protecting yourself and loved ones from the pain inflicted by poisonous plants is to know what to look for when identifying plants. Unlike other elements in nature that will warn you of potential danger with their bright colors, such as snakes, poisonous plants tend to still look like just another part of the green landscape.

With our helpful collection of poison ivy pictures, you can more easily identify when danger might strike you or your loved ones.

"Leaves of Three, Leave it be"

While many people follow the rule of “leaves of three, leave it be,’ there are other identifying features to be on the lookout for, including the color of the berries and the seasonal changes the plant undergoes. 

It is important to beware of poison ivy, however, there are two other culprits in the same family that you need to be aware of and able to identify. In addition to our poison ivy pictures, we have compiled collections of poison oak pictures and poison sumac pictures.  

These plants can vary from the typical poison ivy identifiers, such as occasionally having serrated edges or darker foliage depending on the season. These images can help you know what to look for when determining if a plant is one of these dangerous variations.

The Many Forms of Poison Ivy

It is important to remember poison ivy can take many forms, including vines climbing up walls and other trees, tall shrubbery standing alone, and low-to-the-ground infestations surrounding other plants. When a plant is as dangerous as poison ivy, oak, and sumac, it is valuable to be able to recognize it in all forms by knowing what hallmarks to look for.

With the Outdoor Joe's collection of images and accompanying descriptions to help guide you, steering clear of these culprits can be much easier.

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Aside from knowing what to look for when dealing with poisonous plants, another precaution to take in preventing the painful rash associated with these plants is to include a homeopathic solution, such as Outdoor Joe's (formerly Rhus Tox), into your regimen.

Outdoor Joe's can build up an immunity to the effects of poison ivy for up to a full year depending on the individual and proper dosage.

Photos courtesy of www.poison-ivy.org