Dear Outdoor Joe, What Makes Outdoor Joe’s Unique?

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 10:00 AM by Tom Swegle

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What's the deal about Outdoor Joe's poison ivy prevention plan anyway?

We are constantly receiving letters, emails, and messages via carrier pigeon about poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. This month, Joe dug deeper into what makes Outdoor Joe's poison ivy treatment different than competitors and why doctor's visits are unnecessary after receiving a letter from an Outdoor Joe prospect, Jeff.

Dear Outdoor Joe,


This past month I was excited to get my turkey hunting season started. I made all of the necessary rounds, prepared all of my necessary equipment, and set up in my normal hunting area. Everything seemed to be going well, until I noticed two things. My legs were starting to itch like crazy and I was sitting in an area full of poison ivy.


I am normally covered from neck to toe when I am hunting, but nice weather led to a quick change of clothing and, not to mention, unwanted poison ivy.


I didn’t want to have to go to the doctor’s office with COVID-19 still being of concern, but felt like there was nothing else I could do. I received an expensive treatment and felt better until I learned about your preventative solution.


Long story short, I am here looking for answers. I am wanting to go hunting again in the spring time, so my question to you is, what makes your solution so unique and why should I ditch the doctor?


I can’t wait to receive my first bottle and start my treatment plan. Thank you!



Wow, what an experience for you, and thanks for the awesome questions! With years of research, and hunting expertise himself, Joe has put together some tips, dosage guidelines, and client testimonials to help Jeff understand just how important Outdoor Joe’s can be when it comes to our outdoor leisure.

Hi Jeff,


Thank you for trusting me, The Poison Ivy Pro, to answer your burning questions. Let’s start with the reason you are here, first. To figure out just how unique Outdoor Joe’s solution is and why treatment is so important to follow.


You are not alone with others trying to avoid the doctor’s office amid the pandemic, but what if I told you that you could avoid the appointments all together when it came to poison ivy exposure? Our at-home treatment only requires a few things to stay away from expensive doctor’s bills. Fortunately, you asked during the perfect time!


Our treatment is safe to begin year-round, but we recommend beginning in winter months. This aids in building effectiveness and reaching full potential when early spring and summer plants begin to bloom. 


Don’t panic when we say that this is an ongoing treatment. Our dosage plan only suggests a once a week treatment plan for three weeks. Following the three initial dosages, you only have to take one dosage a month to build immunity.


Outdoor Joe’s poison ivy treatment contains Rhus Toxicondendron that has been shown to reduce symptoms of Toxicodendron dermatitis, the allergic contact that comes from poison ivy plants.


Treatment is pain and injection free, available for anyone able to hold the solution in their mouth for 30 seconds, and safe with other medications. This provides you with a prevention plan, allowing you to hunt, fish, hike, and adventure on without the possibility of a painful rash or expensive trip to the doctor’s office. When you think about it, one bottle that lasts at least a year is less expensive than one trip to the doctor, and it’s pain-free!


With all of this being said, there’s more to it than just what we sell to you regarding the product. It is all about what the customers think, otherwise we wouldn’t be here! You ask what is so great and unique about our product, and they’ve got just the answers. See what some of our most trusted clients have said about Outdoor Joe’s, below!


"I have been using this product for several years and I stand behind it 100%. I start taking my dosage in late January to be completely covered by April when the mowing season begins. I did like the product better when I was sent 3 premeasured plastic vials to take but I understand the reasoning behind the dropper method. 

Again, I swear by this product, I highly recommend this product and I will continue to purchase this year after year. This is a Godsend for sure!" – Melody S.

"I couldn't be happier with using Rhus Tox. I am severely allergic to poison ivy and love the outdoors. Last summer I had poison ivy 3 times, covered from head to toes! Anyone else with this allergy understands how miserable an outbreak can make you feel. 

Since starting Rhus Tox in February, I haven't gotten poison ivy, not even a single bump, all summer! I wish I would've found your product sooner! 

Customer for life!" – Sophia P.

"I learned about your product from a neighbor, a 91 year old farmer who is still going strong. He had severe reactions to exposure to poison ivy and got a prescription for rhustox and had been getting it locally from a pharmacy about an hour away. 

I went on line and found your product and ordered for myself and him and his wife. It has been a great help to all of us. We live in a remote area of rural West Virginia and regularly come in contact with poison ivy and poison oak so finding your product has been a God send." – Elizabeth U.

"My husband has been using RhusTox for several years now.  He has not had poison ivy since he started using this product.  Very thankful our MD recommended it." – Brian

"I got into poison ivy this spring. The doctor gave me a shot which helped a little and prescribed a 7-day prednisone pack. It helped a little. 

I found your product online ordered it and it came quickly. Took it like the directions said to and it instantly cured the itch! My skin cleared up in about 4 days !!! Well pleased with your product!" – Tony L.

Illustration of The Outdoor Joe's Mascot, Outdoor Joe, Looking very FestiveCheck out other Customer Testimonials! We hope that Outdoor Joe’s can do for you what it has done for our previous customers. Besides being a unique product, we are dedicated to the well-being of our clients. We hope this answered your burning questions and left you wanting to begin your dosage ASAP.


Sending you the warmest regards and holiday wishes,

Outdoor Joe


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