The Garden Tool You May be Missing This Spring

Posted on February 9, 2022 at 3:30 PM by Tom Swegle

Image of Outdoor Joe in a garden with garden tools

With spring just around the corner, gardeners are getting ready to plant their gardens. If you’re a gardener you may be cleaning your gardening tools, picking out your seeds, and anxiously waiting for the snow to melt. However, one thing you may be forgetting in all your preparation is Outdoor Joe’s®!

Why Every Gardener Needs ODJ

Poison ivy plants can be found in almost every U.S. state and if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ve likely had a poison ivy rash more than once. But did you know that repeated exposure to poison ivy can result in increased sensitivity and a worse rash each time you encounter the plant? If you’re spending a lot of time in the garden, don’t rely on poison ivy treatment after you get the bothersome rash. Stop the rash before it even begins! With Outdoor Joe’s®, you can build up a natural immunity to poison ivy so you never have to worry about coming into contact with it again! 

Even if you are wearing proper gardening attire, such as long sleeves and gloves, you’re not fully protected from poison ivy. We touched on this in our last blog, “Surprising Ways You Can Get Exposed to Poison Ivy”. Poison ivy can get on your face through air particles, stick to your clothing, attach to your garden tools, and so much more. A painful, itchy rash can hinder your gardening for weeks. Garden without worry knowing you’re immune to poison ivy no matter how you come into contact with it!

Spotting Poison Ivy

Even for a plant pro, spotting poison ivy isn't always easy. This is especially true at the very beginning of spring when the plant may still look dead and doesn’t have its leaves. Poison ivy leaves aren’t the only way to get a rash. The stem and roots can also cause a nasty rash, even if they look dead. See if you can spot which of these plants is poison ivy!
Poison Ivy - Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy PreventionPoison Ivy - Outdoor Joe's Poison Ivy Prevention

Trick question! Both of these images are examples of poison ivy! Since poison ivy can look different based on the type and the season, it can be tricky to spot. This is why having a natural immunity with Outdoor Joe’s® is so important. No matter what plant you touch, where it comes into contact with, or for however long, you’ll stay rash-free!

How Does ODJ Work?

Outdoor Joe’s® is a homeopathic oral solution that naturally builds up your immunity to poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Our powerful poison ivy prevention is safe and effective for all ages and can be taken with all of your regular medications. ODJ works by slowly building up your body's immunity to urushiol, the irritant in poison ivy. Since it takes a few doses to reach immunity, start taking Outdoor Joe’s poison ivy prevention before you start planting your garden. To learn more about how much to take and when to take it, check out our blog post on dosage!

Get the Most Out of Your Garden

Our ultimate garden tip: dig, weed, plant, and water without worrying about poison ivy! Being immune to poison ivy can help you dig in without worrying about getting a rash. Add Outdoor Joe’s® to your garden supplies today!